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The Upscale Amenities in Our Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast

February 16th, 2011 by KC Christopher

The Finger Lakes area of NY State has many lodging choices for tourists and visitors, but it can be a difficult task to find upscale amenities.  The discerning traveler today is searching for greater luxury and comfort.  It is not common for inns, bed and breakfast or hotels to offer luxuries such as plush pillowtop mattresses, down/feather pillows and fine Egyptian cotton linens.  Even harder to find are spacious, well designed private bathrooms or charming public areas where guests can relax and enjoy themselves.  These are the standard in the Halsey House guest rooms and we continue to look for ways to take our amenities to the next level.

en suite bathroom with upscale amenities featuring high shower heads

This month we are retrofitting our already spacious custom guest showers with new, higher shower heads for the comfort of our tall customers.  The new heights are between 6’8″ and 7′.  While those of us closer to the ground will still experience a wonderful shower, those people vertically blessed will enjoy not having to duck to wash their hair.  Combine tall showers with our vanities built at 35″ high and comfort-height toilets and it becomes clear this inn was remodeled with adults comfort in mind.  The entire first floor of the Halsey House, including the guest room Indulgence, has 10′ ceilings.  The second floor is at 8′ with no dormers or sloped ceilings to navigate on your way to bed.

Speaking of beds, when Mitch and I travel the first criteria I search for in lodging is a premium pillowtop mattress.  I am the woman in the story The Princess and the Pea.  It is fairly rare for us to find an inn that displays this information, and even more rare when the place we choose lives up to its promise of a comfortable bed.  Many times we have spent hours of our first day of vacation searching out a store that has a feather bed topper we can buy in order to sleep well on a hard mattress.  Often we can’t fit this topper in our luggage to take home, but we need to have a good night’s sleep so we can enjoy the days of our vacation.

We believe our customers are entitled to the superior level of comfort we seek, so our guest rooms feature the most comfortable pillowtop mattresses we could find.  Judging by the number of people who ask us what mattresses they are so they can go home and buy one, I think we chose well.  A great night’s sleep is just one of the amenities you should expect from an upscale bed and breakfast.